Friday, May 22, 2015

Best Way to Restick Your Cricut Mats

I love my Cricut and had to figure out a way to make the mats sticky again as it seemed that I was buying new mats way more frequently than I wanted to. I searched around on the net and came across people who swore by using Aleen'e Tack it Over and Over Again. The steps were that you would thoroughly clean the mat and use 1 part glue to 1 part water. Spread evenly and let dry. Sounded great until I went out in search of the glue and realized I couldn't find it anywhere.

So it was on to step two :). I saw some Krylon Easy Tac in my local Michael's store and wondered if it would work. Read some reviews and crafters said that it worked well. So I rushed home to try it out.

First, I am going to give a disclaimer that any method such as this will affect the warranty claim on your machine. Here is what I did: I first cleaned the mat. I cleaned it by soaking it in some soapy water (using Dawn detergent) and cleaned with a scrubber brush. If you are more exact you can put some stuff on it to take off the glue completely.

Then, I taped off the edges with masking tape and sprayed a few light coats and let it dry. I found that it wasn't quite sticky enough (probably due to the fact that I skimped on the cleaning in the first place) so I sprayed another light coat and viola! A re-stuck mat. It was amazing! At the time of this post I have cut out over 60 pages with no problems. I have another mat waiting for the moment when this one needs to be redone so there's no project waiting time.

I will say that in the past I have stuck some masking tape on the corners and in a few places on the paper to secure it in place. However, I found this to be time consuming and the paper can shift slight so you don't get as precise a cut as you do when the paper is adhered properly to the mat.

Hope this helps and happy crafting!! :)