Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick Tip for Lubricating Your Punches

Here's a little tip to clean the stickiness from your punches. 

I sell a lot of Mickey Mouse ear punches in my etsy shops (Patti's Paper Delights and Mouse Party House) so my punch can get pretty gunky. All you have to do is punch through some wax paper a couple of times and viola good as new :)

My Favorite Way to Organize Ribbon - Storage Solution

Okay I think I have found my favorite, so far, way of organizing my ribbon. I am a very visual person and hate hunting around for stuff and I will forget what I have if I am not looking at it often. Most of my supplies are in plastic bins or another favorite of mine - clear shoe hangers.

All I did was put the ribbon onto a pants hanger. That is it! I plan on buying a few more of these for all of my ribbon. Next time I will take a moment to take the ribbon off of the spool and loop it over because I hate having to take off the spools. Plus, I will be able to put more ribbon on the hangers as the bars on this particular hanger is rather narrow.

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