Wednesday, August 16, 2017

5 Cool Ways to Recycle Monopoly Game Board Pieces from Pinterest

I have some Monopoly game pieces in my etsy shop and I just knew that some clever crafters had come up with wonderful ways to reuse game pieces. Of course I took to Pinterest to search and of course they had tons of ideas. Here are 5 really cool ones. I plan on updating this list with more later but started with 5 because you can get sucked into Pinterest and be on there all night lol.

This decoupaged jewelry box would be a fabulous gift for a teen. If my niece were younger I would make this for her because she loves money. How fitting!

Source: unknown

These coasters would be perfect for a game room.

Source: unknown

Great gift tag idea! You could also just punch a hole in the card itself and add some string.

Source: unknown

This is my favorite project that I have seen so far. I love the way they made these boards into functional and stylish shelves. This would work for just about any room in your home from an office to a teenagers room. Looks like it would be relatively easy to make as well.

This is a super cute idea and who doesn't need a jewelry box?