Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Items on etsy

I love mini notebooks. They are perfect to have around to jot down all of those brilliant ideas before they go missing. Plus, they are a lot better than the method that I sometimes use which is write the note down on whatever is handy and try not to lose it.... Doesn't work out so well :).

Mini jotters are available now in my etsy shop.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Putting Together a Page

Sometimes I know exactly what I want a page to look like, other times I have to mull it over in my head for a bit. This page started with the fact that I had two scraps of paper that I thought were really pretty and I wanted to feature them in a page. At first I thought about using them as mats but then thought what was the point if it was just going to get covered over.

Then I thought about making it appear to be a long strip by putting another piece of paper down the center. At first I put the paper down the center but didn't really like the way that look so opted to put the paper a little off-center.

So next came the embellishments. I thought that the flower was a great compliment to the blue background. I wanted to put more orange on the other side to balance it out.

I then wanted to be able to have journaling on the page. I thought at first about putting the same ribbon around the mini-album but it was a little hard to tie. So it was off again to my embellisment stash! I saw some photo holders and thought that this would be great to hold down the album.

So Viola! I like the way the page turned out. Instead of adding mats I left it blank so that photos could be added in any configuration. The page is available in my etsy shop.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Layout Idea: Using Card Sketches

You can find inspirations for scrapbook layouts just about anywhere. One of the best examples is to look at greeting card layouts. Many times they can be converted into scrapbooking layouts pretty easily. Pay close attention not only to the placement but also to the colors and patterns used.

The above layouts can be found on Cards by Aardvark's blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tutorial: Covering pens with craft paper

So I am sitting at work (shhh don't tell anybody. lol) and I am reading about how people are promoting their work for their etsy shop. I always have ideas floating around in my head. I recently started this blog and I also have a website, but wanted another way to promote.

Just then I look down and see a pen from a restaurant sitting on my desk. I think, ah ha, that would be a great way to promote my website. I also think, how great would it be to cover the pens in decorative scrapbook paper not only because (a) I make journals and scrapbooking pages and always have left over paper but also (b) it is a great way to keep green. Plus, who doesn't love a free pen! :)

I haven't yet gotten around to making them, but I found a great tutorial online just in case you wanted to make some for yourself as gifts.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Inexpensive Gift Idea: Magazine Bows

What a great idea this is! Have you ever gotten a gift for someone and gotten home from the store and realize that you have forgotten the gift bag and or bow to accent the gift? This is a great way to be green and give a gift that is wonderfully presented.

The instructions are on Howaboutorange blog.
You can also wrap the gift in magazine pages, making it completely green.