Friday, February 26, 2010

Inexpensive Storage Idea: For Scrap Paper

I am always on the look out for cost-effective storage ideas as my craft room/office can get pretty out of control at time. Unfortunately, because storage is so hot these days (as we get more and more stuff that we don't need), anything labeled as being for storage can get pretty expensive.

Isn't it interesting that you can have the almost exact same product but depending on where they are located in the store, the price is different.

I found a great idea for storing scrap paper on Martha Stewart's website and thought that it was a great inexpensive solution to keeping your scrap papers neat and tidy.

It fits my storage personality perfectly as I don't really like digging in bins for stuff.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great idea: Inexpensive 'I Love You' Album

This is such a cute and inexpensive idea made from a deck of cards! You can get a deck of cards from the dollar store and rings from office supply stores or Wally World and the like for very little money.

I think that the project could have been made even better by covering the front of the cards to make them more decorative rather than just collaging the titles over them, but of course that would be a little more time consuming.
How great would this be to give to not only your significant other but one of your children. They will forever have this to remember why you think that they are special (which can be great in those teen years where they are mad at the world). :)

Get the tutorial at transcrafinental's blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easy Button Stickers

I love this project! So cute and super easy to do. It will take you all of 10 seconds to do!

Think of all of the possibilities for this. Card embellishments, envelope closures as shown, decorate journals and notebooks, pictures frames...the possibilities are endless.

Check out the tutorial here .


Mini Album made from CDs

If you are anything like me you have lots of CDs that you no longer have use for. Either they are scratched or the CD wasn't nearly as good as you thought it was going to be. I am so glad that you can preview before you buy as most of my bad selections were made before you can read reviews online. :)

You can find a really neat project here .

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tutorial: Mini Backpack Album

I love making mini albums! They go together so quickly and you get a great sense of accomplishment. Forgotten are all of those boxes full of photos that you have yet gotten a chance to scrap (for the moment anyway).

This mini backpack album is perfect for those wallet size school photos. What a great gift this would be for a grandparent.

Get the tutorial here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Page Layout

My regular J.O.B was exhausting this week which left me no time to create. I finally got a chance to create a page on Friday night. My goal is to create at least 3 more pages this week and list them on etsy (

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's snowing in Georgia!

Although Northerners no doubt laugh at our "snow" we get pretty excited when anything over 1/2 inch is on the ground down here. LOL. Today in Atlanta it was "snowing" pretty hard by our standards. The roads tomorrow are going to be a mess!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finding Office & Shipping Supplies for Less

I discovered by accent a great place to get reasonably priced office and shipping supplies. I got home from work one day and realized that I forgot to pick up some oversized envelopes to ship out some of my baby memory books. I didn't feel like going to Wally World and the closest place to me was a Publix grocery store.

I went into the store fully expecting to pay a lot for the envelopes but to my surprise they were 50 cents cheaper than I had seen anywhere else and it wasn't a sale price! I have also seen in other grocery stores notebooks, pens, and other office supplies on sale. So the next time you are in the grocery store swing by the school supply aisle, you may be surprised at what you find.