Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creating a No-Sew Tutu for Scrapbooking Album

I got this idea the moment that saw the stickers for this album. I am at the moment obsessed with tutus and knew that I wanted to create a tutu but that I definitely did not want to sew it. So it was off to Google I went. I found a great, and entertaining set of instructions here on Plumtickled blog site.

I have adapted the instructions for my project below.

First I cut a piece of elastic about 3 inches smaller that the width around the album and secured it with some zig zag stitches on my sewing machine. This can of course be done by hand.

I then cut some tulle double the length that I wanted and added a couple of inches to adjust for the double knots. TIP: I would definitely in the future get the tulle that is already in 6 inch widths, cutting it on the floor was a complete pain.

Take the tulle and slide one side behind the elastic and make sure that both sides are even and tie a double knot.

I put the elastic around the paint can to keep it steady else it will be hard to manage.

I continued around until I had filled in enough to cover the front of the album and like that I was done!

The cutes Krylon paint can ever!

I added ribbon along the back since it will be visible on the other side of the album. I only added it to both ends of the elastic so that the elastic would still be able to stretch.

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