Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Great Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Okay the kids got their costume weeks ago but what about you? And even those of you without kids have you gotten yours yet? Well by now a lot of the "good" ones are probably gone but you can still make some clever last minute costumes for yourself. Here are a few that I saw around the web that I liked.

This one is really funny, probably a little cold but funny :)

My absolute favorite character when I was younger. Who didn't want to be like the super hot Sandra Dee?

A little gruesome but they will get the point.

Definitely a classy costume and super quick to pull together.

Hey, you'll definitely stand out in this outfit.

There were a lot of versions of this one floating around the web but all you need is a scarf, jean shirt and a wrench. How easy is that?

Molly was the 80s queen so any of her characters will do from Pretty in Pink to The Breakfast Club.

This chick was bad. She's the one from Beverly Hills Cop. An all white trench some white shades a gun and you're done. And if you have the height, that's a bonus.

Okay yeah I know but It's Honey Boo Boo child. Sorry just had to say it lol

 From pulp fiction. You can find this style of wig just about anywhere.

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