Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Amazing Lampshade DIY Tutorials

I am in desperate need of some lamp shades but I also need to get some on a budget :). I saw some in my local discount store but they look rather like they came from a discount store so I didn't purchase any at the time. I figured that there had to be some great DIY ideas that were quick and easy. Here are my top 5 choices. (Links at end)

I love Mark Montano's tutorials. They are always easy to understand. This idea came from his Big Ass Book of Home Decor. Watch it below.

I love this Anthro inspired lampshade here. And can you believe it was made for less that $3.00!!!  

Really cute shades here and I love the addition of the flowers. 

These flowers on this lamp is made with coffee filters! Inexpensive idea that looks very elegant.

 This would be perfect for a living room. Great way to get some of those pictures out of the scrapbook and put them on display.


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