Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ribbon Storage for less than $5

Welcome to my new blog! I can't wait to share with you great ideas and money making tips and giveaways! Also, I can't wait to see what creative ideas that you all have to share.

I am always looking for ways to get a handle on my mounting craft supplies without spending a whole lot of $$$. I bought some of those white plastic ribbon holders from Hobby Lobby that have the little zig zag opening down the middle to hold the ribbon in place. While they were not too expensive, I have a lot of ribbon and knew that there had to be a cheaper way to store ribbon.

I came up with the idea to use strips of sturdy cardboard (I used a Priority Mail box from the Post Office) as the base. It is fairly simple. The cardboard measures 3 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches. I taped the ribbon to the cardboard to hold secure and then I just wrapped it around. To keep it in place I used a coated paper clip that I got from the Dollar Tree. The ribbon holders are kept in a plastic holder that has adjustable compartments. I got mine from Lowes for about $5 but you can get them much cheaper at Wal-Mart or anywhere that sells fishing equipment as tackle boxes are usually less expensive than containers made specifically for scrapbooking.

The ribbon is taped to the carboard to secure.

The ribbon is attached with an inexpensive clip.

The ribbon is now neatly organized.


So I want to hear from you all out there. Tell me some cleaver ideas that you have for storing your ribbon. Each suggestion will get you a entry in a drawing that I am having on next Thursday January 21, 2010. I will let the computer randomly pick a name for the winner.

The giveaway is a 176 piece 12x12 Christmas page kit by Making Memories.

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