Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tutorial: Covering pens with craft paper

So I am sitting at work (shhh don't tell anybody. lol) and I am reading about how people are promoting their work for their etsy shop. I always have ideas floating around in my head. I recently started this blog and I also have a website, but wanted another way to promote.

Just then I look down and see a pen from a restaurant sitting on my desk. I think, ah ha, that would be a great way to promote my website. I also think, how great would it be to cover the pens in decorative scrapbook paper not only because (a) I make journals and scrapbooking pages and always have left over paper but also (b) it is a great way to keep green. Plus, who doesn't love a free pen! :)

I haven't yet gotten around to making them, but I found a great tutorial online just in case you wanted to make some for yourself as gifts.

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