Thursday, February 9, 2012

Developing My Latest Scrapbooking Layout


I love creating scrapbooking layouts for my etsy shop but sometimes I get a stuck on what I want the layout to look like. When that happens I open up my Adobe Photoshop Elements and take look at what stickers I want to use.

For this page I knew that I wanted to use the three title stickers for sure. Because I wanted to use them all on one page I thought that it would probably be best to use three 4x6 photos. Once I laid all of this out on my computer screen, I decided that I needed something else so I added a title element above my vertical 4x6 photo. 

Here is what I came up with:

You can use the same process using pre-cut out shapes made of card stock and just move them around until you get the layout you want. To see more free sketches you can go to my scrapbooking website here.

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