Friday, February 24, 2012

So What Is Pinterest?

While on etsy, I noticed that some of my items were found on I also started seeing it in some seller's profile. So naturally I started to wonder just what this site was. I went to the site and was immediately hooked!

Basically the site allows you to "pin up" things that you like. The idea is kind of like putting it on a message board. You can have different categories so that you can organize them.  For instance, right now I have: 'Items I love', 'Books I Love' and 'Newest Items For Sale'. More categories are to come :) You can view my site here

The cool thing is that you can add the pinning feature to your bookmarks so that when you are on a site that has something that you want to put on your board. You just "pin it" and they will capture the picture as well as the site address so that when someone clicks on the picture they will be taken to the original site. Cool!

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