Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY: Jewelry Storage

My jewelry collection is getting out of control so I went looking for some easy DIY projects to create my own jewelry storage. I found some great (and inexpensive) ideas. 

ScrapMeBaby shows off her jewelry in a very eye-pleasing way. It looks like a display that would be in a department store. 

Misanthropy Creations  uses utensil trays to create this look. Genius! Would be great as an alternative to the expensive customized storage options they have for jewelry. I am thinking about doing this in my closet the next place I move to.

 This is a very pretty and neat way to store your jewelry. Source: Craftinspiration 

Can you believe this display was made from items from The Dollar Store? Very inexpensive, but still stylish. That's my kind of storage :). Check out the video on how to make this on Dime on a dime website.

This is my favorite and I bought some push pins to try this out (I'll post pictures later in the week). I just have to get some more neutral fabric as I realized the fabric I got may contrast with some of my jewelry pieces. See the full examples on Honey We're Home blog.

Items you may be interested in:

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