Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Craft Room Inspirations via Rate My Space

I don't know if 'Rate My Space' still comes on (I used to love that show) but the website on has loads of inspirational rooms. Of course since I am always looking for ideas on the ultimate craft room that was my first inquiry on the site. Below are a few of my favorite examples.

 Very pretty and all neat and tidy. Probably will never get my room this organized. lol. Source

 If you have a closet, you have an office. She calls this her cloffice. Clever! :) Source

 Love all of the counter space. Source

 As I've said before a peg board in my next home office craft space is a must! Source

 I love the back cabinets in this office and the wall color. Source

 Turn a nook into your own little retreat. Source

 Okay admittedly this probably wouldn't function well as a craft space as is but look at how pretty the walls are :) Source

 This woman doesn't just have a craft space, she has a craft cottage. I'm jealous! Source

Other items you may be interested in:

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