Sunday, May 27, 2012

Duct Tape Notebooks and Other Projects

I got some designer the other day to pretty up my packages that I mail out. (I saw a tutorial on how to make fabric tape for this but I was feeling a bit lazy. lol) I love composition notebooks so I decided to look around and get ideas on covering them. I then came across other great projects using duct tape. 

 How pretty is this notebook? Source

 Roses anyone? I got this from the duck brand website. They of course have lots of project ideas on their site

 Pretty and inexpensive. Disclaimer the crafter uses Priority Mail boxes, of course the Postal Service frowns upon (and it's against their rules) getting their boxes to use for things other than shipping (Just wanted to put that out there :) ) Source

 Can you believe this is a dress?!!! Super talented girl she is. Source

 I really like this notebook. It turned out fantastic. Source

I also came across this video on how to simply make some really cute bows.

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